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Mind Body Rituals

Pouring Massage Oil

Healing Oil Treatment


An Ayurvedic healing technique which involves the pouring of herbal infused oil onto the third eye chakra (forehead). A stimulating scalp massage aids in reducing stress and anxiety, and can improve quality of sleep.

30 minutes, $125

Smoothing Body Scrub


A truly unique body treatment derived from the ancient practices of Turkey. Skin is cleansed and gently exfoliated with eucalyptus infused black soap and the traditional Kassa glove. Skin is hydrated with herbal infused oils.

60 minutes, $125

Sound Bath Meditation

Sound waves will carry you into a blissful state while your therapist guides you through meditation to soothe your mind and spirit. A rejuvenating session that increases energy and cognitive function.

30 minutes, $65

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